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Disaster resilience in focus 04/04/2014
RMIT researchers will focus on building the nation's resilience to natural disasters, supported by $2.75 million in funding grants.


New book details A to Z of assistive technology 01/04/2014
A new book by experts in biomedical engineering will provide valuable information to people with reduced abilities.


RMIT research helps clean up space 26/03/2014
RMIT University has signed on to a major new research initiative to help clean up our increasingly cluttered space environment.


Research finds health benefits from free play 24/03/2014
Cheap items like crates and buckets encourage children to be more active and creative when playing, research has found.


Fire frequency curves predict water for Victoria 20/03/2014
Research analysing the severity and frequency of bushfires is helping predict their impact on natural water supply catchments.


Research centre boosts automation software industry ties 18/03/2014
RMIT has launched a new automation software engineering research centre, connecting the University with industry partner ABB.


Student electric racing team powers on 13/03/2014
Known for saving fuel and low emissions, electric racing cars are quietly giving their petrol-powered rivals a run for their money.


Social connections key to happiness for "at-risk" teens 11/03/2014
An RMIT University report on the happiness of disadvantaged Australian teenagers has emphasised the vital role of family and friends in mental wellbeing.


Top applied research medal for RMIT professor 07/03/2014
The Royal Australian Chemical Institute has recognised Professor Suresh Bhargava for his contributions in the field of applied sciences.


Liquid metal pump a breakthrough for micro-fluidics 03/03/2014
Researchers have developed the world's first liquid metal enabled pump, a revolutionary new micro-scale device with no mechanical parts.